Make your transformation meaningful

→ To make it sustainable

→ For greater commitment and cohesion

→ For better performance

70 %

of transformations fail *

Reasons cited: lack of vision, lack of commitment within the organization, insufficient investment in capacity building to sustain change.

*Source: McKinsey

What are the keys to a successful transformation?

Alignment at all levels of the organization: leadership, managers, team
A vision and fluid, ongoing communication with stakeholders about the direction in which the company is heading.
The mobilization of stakeholders and the setting up of discussions to reflect collectively on the challenges ahead and the direction that needs to be taken.

Are these situations familiar to you?

  • The transformation you’ve undertaken is not producing the expected results
  • A transformation needs to be made. You don’t have the human or financial resources, or the time, to make it happen.
  • Your teams are overloaded. How can you make them available to make this transformation a success?

Anastasens can help

Our mission: to support you in your transformation


Aligning leadership, managers and their teams

We define the direction collectively: we think together, the decision-maker decides


Move together in the same direction

We define and implement effective means to move in this direction


make the transformation successful and sustainable

We support you during deployment to assess results and make adjustments

We intervene at key moments for your organization

Digital transformation

Too many low value-added tasks? Misused information? Employees on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Create optimum conditions for having fun at work, recognition and a digitally open environment.

Growth stage

Have you experienced sustained growth? Is this putting pressure on your teams?

Culture, processes and systems need to be revisited to embrace the new reality.

Company succession

Will key people be leaving your organization in the short or medium term?

 Ensure a smooth, controlled transition and turn it into an opportunity to take your organization to the next level of growth.

Sustainable results with impact

Better alignment between company, managers and teams

Your teams are more committed,  perform better

Your transformation delivers the results, even above your objectives

You’re ready for the next transformation!

An approach that builds on your DNA and fosters the power of teamwork

Together, we address concrete business issues, drawing on your strengths to find solutions

Definition of success indicators for our collaboration

Thorough understanding of your context and vision

Action plan

Support during the transformation

Are you ready for a meaningful and lasting transformation?

The Anastasens touch

Proven tools from leading consulting firms, tailored to your needs
A diversified network of partners
A creative space fostering change
A mix of coaching and consulting
l'approche d'Anastasens

 Customer Testimonials

«The improvement in team spirit is what I remember most from the work we did together. Your way of working, involving several stakeholders, brought the whole company together and made it stronger. You’re an excellent listener and you knew how to ask the right questions»

Estimating director

Construction company

“You helped us get to know each other better and improve. You focused us on the WHY and we’re developing it with the teams and even our customers. You helped us evolve as a company.”


General manager

Education company

«The way we thought about our needs in terms of priorities was and is of great use to us every day. In today’s fast-paced world, with so many choices and opportunities, this framework makes it easier to make decisions and get people on board»


Agri-food company

 Are you ready for a meaningful and sustainable transformation?